Roaccutane: My Story

Growing up is universally challenging. Insecurity is rife. Image is everything. This is not new information. For much of the population, these issues can be amplified by the presence of acne. After all, spots are ‘just part of being a teenager’. For some, this is not the case. For some, acne can be all-consuming. Breakouts…

I’m the guy that called Theresa May rude on Question Time: Leaders Special

A lot of strange things have come about following that night.

Most jaw-droppingly, the invite from a Conservative supporter with profile pictures featuring David Cameron and Theresa May to partake in swinging. Yes, really.

Assess whether the Independent Press Standards Organisation has made a significant impact on the culture and practice of the printed press in the UK, as recommended by the Leveson Inquiry.

This essay was written April 24th 2017. A pillar of civilised society is the freedom of its speech and, consequently, its press. Regimes of dictatorship seek to invade and control the media to manage and manipulate public opinion; the power and subsequent influence of the press is evident in the importance such administrations place upon…

Assess the view that a concentration of media ownership is a threat to democracy. What can be done to ensure a plurality and diversity of new provision?

This essay was written December 18th 2015. The media is unavoidable. Its presence is persistent. Its influence is recurring. Especially in the modern, ever-advancing society in which we live, it is effectively impossible for the media to not feature in the average person’s life. Since Johannes Gutenberg introduced the printing press in the fifteenth century,…


Life is futile so I may as well write a blog.